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Our customers wishes realised is a personal demand we feel obliged to fulfill. Wiparquet is the trade supplier from Akzenta.

… this is what the laminate fl ooring
of the wiparquet® selection stands for.
With their unusual décors and surface fi nishes,
they are in a class of their own.
The special collections of this outstanding laminate fl ooring
selection are available only from selected specialist outlets.
Follow us now to the exclusive laminate fl ooring of the
wiparquet® selection.

Position …
Simply place the long profi le
of the new panel in the previously
installed row and lower
to connect to the new row.

click … fi nished!
A short push with the thumbs
on the short profi le and the
panel locks into place with an
audible click.

Fun collection
Attractive décors at an attractive price, that’s what the collection wiparquet FUN is all about.

Wiparquet – Fun collection

Nature collection
The wiparquet® STRUCTURE laminate flooring selection is inspiring for its line texture, which faithfully reproduces the natural character of brushed floorboards.
The matt texture of the laminate fl ooring of the “Structure” collection
effectively brings out the special colour characteristics of these décors
The wiparquet NATURALE selection offers laminate
fl ooring of a very special kind. The individual collections
stand for striking appearance and classical elegance.
The wiparquet NATURALE selection brings a piece
of nature into your own four walls. The wiparquet
NATURALE selection comes with thicknesses of seven
or eight millimetres and 15 years guarantee.
Authentic silk combines a look and feel with a fi rst-class surface
texture. With its matt shimmering shine, seven millimetre‘s thick,
it provides an attractive entry to the high-price segment of the
wiparquet Naturale selection.
The oldest form of wood processing is taken up in
the “hand-scraped” collection. The décor features the
coarse texture of hand-scraped wooden fl oorboards.
The synchronous texture of the “Authentic fi bre” collection marks out
the décor graining on the surface. The special character of this collection
is further underlined by the limed oak fl ooring look.
“Authentic grain” offers very striking synchronous graining.
The impression of an authentic wood fl oor is further supported by the
surrounding bevel, producing a harmonious laying appearance.
The authentic brilliant collection is quite simply as its name implies. With the
highly polished pores of this laminate fl ooring, whose synchronous texture
perceptibly reproduces the grain of the decor, you set brilliant highlights in
every room.
The wiparquet NATURALE select offes laminate flooring of a very special kind. The individual collections stand for striking appearance and classical elegance.
The wiparquet NATURALE selectionbrings a piece of nature into your own four walls. The wiparquet NATURALE selection comes with thicknesses of eight or ten millimeters and up to 30 years guarantee.
n the selection wiparquet®, the NATURALE range encompasses the premium-fabrication laminate floorboards. You must simply experience these select high-quality floors for yourself.

Wiparquet – Nature collection

Varnish collection
Elegance for the privacy of your home …
… this is what the wiparquet® Varnish selection stands for. The fine pores of the laminate flooring emphasize the wood character in a very special way.
The wiparquet® Varnish selection was the only laminate flooring to be evaluated as «Good», finishing up as the test winner in the current laminate flooring test conducted by «Stiftung Warentest»
The brilliance of the selection wiparquet® VARNISH and its subtle and finely porous grain bring out the wood character in a very special way, creating a noble atmosphere.

Wiparquet – Varnish collection

Stracture collection
Miniscule graining, tiny imperfections and traces of prior use go into making the unique lifelines you so often find in natural woods. The selection wiparquet® STRUCTURE creates a natural environment you will feel at home in at once

Wiparquet – Stracture collection

Chrome stracture
This extraordinary flooring collection ranges from marble white to
black-violet and from top-fashionable decors to faithful imitations of
antique stone decors in the practical 30 x 60 cm tile format.

Wiparquet – Chrome stracture collection

In the latest 08/09 laminate fl ooring test by “Stiftung
Warentest” the laminate fl ooring of the wiparquet
LACK* selection was the only one to be assessed as
“Good”. The test-winning fl ooring was certifi ed to
have the best living and environmental characteristics.
The test included a total of 16 laminate fl oors of
7 mm thickness. Only one was awarded the best
mark in the test with the assessment “GOOD”:
the wiparquet Lack selection.*
* the wiparquet LACK selection is identical to the
test-winner CLASSEN Style Feinpore Megaloc 7 mm

Low-emission products, sustainable materials circuit
WIPARQUET branded laminate fl oorings are low emission.
From the transportation of raw materials through to dispatch, the entire production process is carried out at
the integrated production site in Mark Brandenburg with its enormous forests. Short transportation routes of
the raw wood material to the laminate factory, low-emission production technologies, the use of waste wood in
our own biomass heat and electric power plant and the reintroduction of such to the production circuit: This is
a resource-gentle, sustainable method of management which begins with forestry management.

Certifi ed raw material quality
We guarantee that we do not use any imported tropical woods
to make wiparquet laminate fl ooring. The basis for our laminate
fl ooring, that is branded with this sign, is PEFC certifi ed, domestic
woods from sustainable forests only which is pressed to create a
HDF board.

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